A Prayer for Change

This week, Pastor Sherry closed the adult Sunday school class on discernment with a beautiful and powerful prayer.  The prayer, written by 12-year-old Mary Katherine Lidle the day before a car accident that would claim her life, can be found in the book, Open the Door, by Joyce Rupp.  Many of us were moved by these words and wanted to continue to reflect on their meaning.

Look at me—
I’m walking through a door
My life is changing and it’s just perfect now
No more doors for me
They’re too hard to get through
I’m staying here where it’s safe—

No, child,
Those doors are a part of you
You can’t ignore them
‘Cause they’re there
You’ve got to go through them
Who knows what you’ll find
You’ve got to meet their trial
If you don’t, you won’t be what you should become
There are always gonna be doors and you
Can’t stop ‘em from comin’
You’ve got to go through them to grow
It’s called change
Look at the wildflower; it changes all the time
Always blossoming or closing up, sprouting or withering
You’re scared to go through those doors
Into the unknowing, “into change”
You don’t know what’s going to happen
You don’t know what change is going to bring
Listen to me
Go through those doors with hope
Go through those doors knowing change is the future
And you’re part of it
You don’t know what change is, that’s why
You’re scared
Change is the sun booming over the horizon
Scattering rays of hope to a new day
Change is a baby lamb meeting the world for its first time
Change is growing from a young child to a young woman
Change is beautiful; you will learn to love it.

Monday Morning Meditation ~ A Look Back

As we enter a new season, a new month, and a new week, this Monday morning, we’ll look back at our first quarter year of Monday Morning Meditations.  We hope you can use this morning to catch up on any you may have missed, or re-read one that spoke to you.Monday Morning Meditation ~ A Look Back

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