Monday Morning Meditation ~ A Look Back

Monday Morning Meditation ~ A Look Back

As we enter a new season, a new month, and a new week, this Monday morning, we’ll look back at our first quarter year of Monday Morning Meditations.  We hope you can use this morning to catch up on any you may have missed, or re-read one that spoke to you.

Will the expert in the room please raise her hand?

Internet ~ Friend or Foe?

 Extremes of Motherhood

Teachable Moments in the Everyday

Slow Down and Smell the Roses

Lord Give Me Strength

Becoming Soccer Mom

Go Ahead, Be Grumpy

We Are Never Alone

Perfection is My Enemy

Sing like {Your Kids} are Listening

Do you like Surprises?

Already read them all?  Leave a comment on one that has been particularly meaningful to you this year.