Maybe It will Do the Trick

Maybe It will Do the Trick

Often I am scrolling through the endless Facebook conversation and I come across someone’s status that reads something like this:

“Maybe this fitness challenge will do the trick…” or “Maybe this squat challenge will do the trick.”

There is no trick.  There is no fast track to health and fitness. There is no fitness challenge, nor any number of squats that will make you skinny for the rest of your life.

There is only choice.

You must choose to make the person you want to be, the person that you are. If you want to be fit and healthy, that is a daily choice. Every day you wake up and you choose to brush your teeth, you choose to wear a specific outfit, and you choose to apply makeup in a certain way. When you get to the kitchen – the choice to be healthy that day begins. Every day is the same. We make the choices to take care of ourselves and give our bodies what they need – or we make unhealthy choices.

I have a dessert issue. I think about chocolate every day. I go on stretches of not buying it. Then I’ll make brownies “for the kids” and eat one a day until they are gone. I beat myself up about chocolate: The love of chocolate vs. the hate of cellulite. It’s my little internal, daily, debate. I want to let it go. I want to get control of the debate. Of course, I could make it easier on myself and stop buying chocolate entirely. Every night when my chocolate clock goes off, I could easily say, “Too bad. Nothing here to eat made of chocolate.”

Like everyone, I have to make these choices, too. Therefore, I know these are not easy choices, every day and every meal. When I am defeated at night, and I eat ice cream, I know tomorrow I can try again. The next meal is another opportunity for a good choice. But I have stopped hoping for a miracle fitness challenge to change me, and I have accepted my role on my path toward health and fitness. I think of it as the biggest fitness challenge of all: daily healthy choice.

In good health,