How Far Would You Go??

The latest selection of the PUMC Women’s Book Club is “Defending Jacob” by William Landay and it was a GREAT read in my opinion!  Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t add that I love whodunnits.  I often don’t even care how badly they are written or even what they are written about.  I am a terrible guesser of endings and I love surprises.  And a surprise is what you get with this book (if you guessed how this one would end, please leave me a message without spoiling it for others)!

“Defending Jacob” is a story of a family of three; a devoted mother, an assistant DA father, and a 14 year old son named Jacob.  A classmate of Jacob has been murdered and the circumstantial evidence is pointing to Jacob even though he insists he is innocent.  I was drawn to the reactions of the parents and found myself imagining what would I do.  How much evidence would it take to make me believe my child guilty?  How far would I go to defend my child in the face of that evidence?  How much do we overlook in our kids?  What do other people think about my kids – right or wrong?

This is a story of family relationships and how they can be put to the test.  How everything can change in the blink of an eye.  How we can be crippled by scrutiny or we can rise to the challenge of it.  How we can put blinders on in our single minded devotion, but it is nearly impossible to know the absolute truth.  How as parents, we do the best we can to make the right choices.  It makes you think!  Put it on your summer reading list and enjoy!