20 Ways to Stay Active with the Kids this October

20 Ways to Stay Active with the Kids this October

Summer has come and gone.  The school year is buzzing along at a steady clip and I find myself missing the quality time I spent with my kids over the summer.  I know my kids are missing that time, too.  How much time does one need to reconnect with the kids?  I say 30 minutes.  30 minutes of totally blocking out the other stuff and playing together.  It might look at bit like exercise.  It might feel a bit like exercise.  But don’t be fooled, folks.  You are just PLAYING.

I crafted this one up to go with the Halloween vibe and get the kids interested.  Write the list of activities on orange and black construction paper or use white paper with orange and black markers.  Cut the paper into slips and put them into a jar or glass fish bowl.  Jazz it up with some Halloween stickers or candy corn at the bottom as a little reward – or an iTunes card if you have a media motivated kid.  Let your creative juices flow on the presentation.  Then give it your best shot as a family to empty the jar by November 1st!

The List:

  1. Sock Toss (laundry basket, socks, victory laps)
  2. Jumping Giants! (pretend giants jump and drop on command – try hopping frogs, walking penguins, crawling cats – imitate the animal up and then drop down to your belly)
  3. Yoga (grab a video at the library or check your OnDemand library)
  4. Weight Movers and Planks (using small weights or bags filled with rocks have the kids move the rocks from one side of the drive way to the other, then drop and hold a plank.  Try adding some push-ups and jumping jacks as well)
  5. Walk to collect fall leaves.
  6. Bike Ride
  7. Balloon Move and Play (hold balloons and squat, lunge, hop, jump)
  8. Cotton ball clean up race (cotton balls get thrown all over the room – race to pick them up.)
  9. Freeze Dance
  10. Hop Scotch
  11. Hide and Seek
  12. Baseball (in the yard, simple rules – hit and run.)
  13. Balloon Volley ball
  14. Pumpkin toss (bean bag toss game for kids)
  15. Red Light Green Light (walking, running, or biking)
  16. Flashlight tag
  17. Bubble chase
  18. Glow Stick toss
  19. Parents choice
  20. Kids choice

In Good Health,